Douglas Alaska


 Dan Moller
 Mt. Jumbo

Dan Moller Trail

To reach the trail head, turn left at the top of Cordova Street on to Pioneer Avenue where you'll find parking and the trail, mid way up on your right.

The trail quickly travels from forest to meadow where much of the trail consists of wood planks. The planks can be slippery in damp weather.

The end of the trail is "officially" Dan Moller cabin but you can continue into the bowl, a little, and on up the mountains if you're stubborn. The cabin was originally built in the 1930's but has been renovated since.

This is a wonderful trail and one of the few in the area where you can climb with the sun in your face on a nice day. The climb is moderate with an elevation gain around 1,800 feet. Round trip to the cabin is 6-ish miles. You will cross the Douglas (Treadwell) Ditch trail which makes a pleasant, fairly level, side trip if you find the Dan Moller climb a little steep.