Douglas Alaska


 Dan Moller
 Mt. Jumbo

Douglas Alaska Douglas Island, in Southeast Alaska, is 17 miles long, 8 miles at it's widest portion and has 42 miles of shoreline.

George Vancouver discovered and named Douglas for John Douglas, then Earl of Salisbury, in 1793.

Gold was discovered in 1881 by "French Pete" Erussard who later sold his claims to John Treadwell for $400. The Tredwell Mine produced $62,000,000 up to the date of the cave in April 22, 1917. This mine was the largest low grade mine in the world at the time.

Based on a 1910 estimate, Douglas was the largest city in Southeast Alaska. The post office was established 1887, Fire Department in 1898, school in 1891 and the town incorporated in 1902.